School jumps to ‘Outstanding’ in all areas

A school has been celebrating after it was graded as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas in its latest Ofsted report.

Field Junior School, in Watford Field Road, Watford, was praised for its “exceptional progress” and commitment to learning.

Having previously been rated as ‘Good’, inspectors noted the marked improvement in pupils’ reading and writing as well as a dedication to developing a more well-rounded education.

Head teacher Julie Henley said the report was a “welcome reward” for the school’s hard work over the past five years and she said she was “extremely proud” of the whole school community.

She said: “I have a very strong staff here and it’s all down to teamwork. We know the goalposts have moved when it comes to education and we’ve risen to the challenge.

“And everything we do is for the children, who are all absolutely brilliant. That’s what’s at the heart of it all, and we’re all thrilled to have been recognised in this manner.”

In its report, Ofsted highlighted how a positive culture runs right through Field Junior School.

Governors were praised for their school support, teachers were singled out for their attention to detail and parents were championed for their effective communication.

It added that pupils possess an “exemplary” attitude towards learning, while their behaviour, positivity and diverse cultural knowledge are all considered to be standout.

But in spite of this high praise, and the excellent result it yielded, Mrs Henley explained how she and her team will not let up.

She added: “We’ve worked really hard on English and Maths and now it’s about working with the parents to tackle the breadth of the new curriculum.

“We can always improve on what we’ve done and we look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.”