Nicole Scherzinger put my life back on track after Maria Sharapova split says tennis star Grigor Dimitrov

Wimbledon hopeful Grigor Dimitrov says Nicole Scherzinger helped put his life — and game — back together after a split from Maria Sharapova left him “tired of  everything”.

The Bulgarian, 27, is ranked sixth in the world and will be aiming for his first Grand Slam title when the tournament starts in SW19 next week.

But he slipped down the rankings and suffered a string of defeats when his two-and-a-half-year relationship with fellow tennis player Sharapova, 31, ended in July 2015.

Dimitrov spent months at home, growing a “big beard” as he sought to turn things around. 

Former flame: Maria Sharapova previously dated Grigor (AFP/Getty Images)

“I stopped with my coach,” he told website Mr Porter. “I lost my ranking. I basically sucked at tennis … I was fighting with people and I went through my break-up … I was tired of everything, one by one, falling apart. I’ve always been a very easy-going person. I don’t want to say gullible, but when I saw someone I always thought that person is the way they present themselves … (but) that’s not entirely true.” 

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He said he drew on strength given to him by his father Dimitar, adding: “The majority of decisions, I’ve always taken by myself. I even remember the first contract I ever signed. I was 13 or 14 … my dad said, ‘It’s your choice. It’s your life’ … I like to take decisions on my own.”

Dimitrov, who has been dating former Pussycat Doll Scherzinger, 39, since the beginning of 2016, has climbed back up the rankings, winning the ATP Finals last year. 

On his relationship with the singer — who previously dated Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton — he said: “It’s not easy. The schedules are very heavy. But she’s doing a better job than I am at being able to come to most of the places I’m at.”

Asked where he would be without tennis, Dimitrov replied: “I’m not sure I’d want to know.” 

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