Letter: Rent is too expensive

It was encouraging to read a block of 30 affordable apartments are to be built in St Albans Road (Watford Observer, January 5).

They are to be at least 20 per cent less than private market rents.

But examining the current rents and wages offered for jobs in adverts in the same issue I wonder how affordable they really are.

Monthly rents for one-room apartments vary from £765 (£612 after deduction) to £965 (£772 after deduction). For two-room ones they vary from £995 (£796 after deduction) to £1,300 (£1,040 after deduction).

The only jobs advertised by annual salaries are £17,160 (£1,430 a month) for an office administrator, £20,994 for a gardener (£1,759 a month), and £40,761-£55,139 for a regional liaison adviser for the General Medical Council, who can presumably afford the maret rent.

For the others there is not much left to live on.

Mike Pentelow

Watford FC season ticket holder, London